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How to land your dream job by chance or choice

How to make Big career decisions: By Chance or Choice?

Career decisions are one of the most important life decisions but many choose Random decision-making (chance). This seems to be a huge risk, but many people fall prey to this due to a lack of proper guidance. To avoid this it is prudent to make career decisions via a scientific process like career counselling that can enable one to make an informed decision (choice).

Making career decisions is not an easy task. You need to look at compensation, the work environment, the culture of the company and many more. New graduates and experienced professionals both face similar challenges in deciding what to do next. There are so many variables to consider and so many factors that impact your decision making. This blog looks at some of the different aspects of making rational career decisions.

Career counselling provides a holistic method in approaching career decisions by means of multidimensional analysis. Before making a major career decision go through the below points of comparison between making career decisions randomly or making an informed decision-making process after career counselling by a professional.

Random decision-making (Chance)


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Informed decision-making (Choice)career decisions


Trying to figure out all the career information available on the internet, matching it with the available courses, and asking for suggestions from random people. Trying to figure out “What is my personality, career interest, core values, skills & abilities” and matching it with suitable career paths with the help of career counsellors.
Information Overload. Clear and workable information for a selected career path.
Career selection based on current trends which carry the risk subject going out of trend in the future. Career selection based on inherent career interest which makes it an enduring choice.
Lack of clarity resulting in confusion and lack of confidence in the choice made. Complete clarity and determination in mind.
Results in expending more effort, time, and money Saves time and money.
Hoping for a better future. Very certain about a bright future.
Stress and anxiety towards studies. Interest and eagerness towards studies.
Worried about job prospects. Already figured out who are all your prospective employers and why they need to hire you.
Stressed at work. Low / Moderate performance. Peak performance and enjoying the work.
Struck without growth for years. Exponential growth through merit.
No work-life balance. Better work-life balance due to high productivity relative to the time spent on the work.
Becomes Dispensable Becomes an indispensable asset for the employer.
Life is full of work pressure and anxiety due to the prospect of failure. Life is full of opportunities and accomplishments.
High probability of regretting the career decision in future. High probability of appreciating the informed career decision

Whether you’re in a job that you’re not happy in or trying to figure out if you should go back to school, or undecided about which course to study, it’s important to take the time to make sure you’re making the right decisions for you. We hope this blog has been able to help you make the right career decision.

The most important part of any career decision is to make sure it’s the right decision for you. Make sure you take everything into account: your passions, your skills, your industry, and your personality. There is no one right way to make career decisions, just make sure it’s the right way for you.

Here at Career Gambit, we’re always excited to see people learning and growing in their careers. If you have any questions or concerns about career decisions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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