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Personality Assessment Based on Big 5

Big 5 personality factors are the best predictors of leadership success. This personality assessment will help you to understand the big 5 personality factors and how they influence our behaviour.

Personality assessment is a method of assessing the human personality. Based on the theory of five factor model, it is widely used in business and industry for recruitment, personality development and team building etc. This personality assessment helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

It is an online test that is designed to assess the following five personality traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (OCEAN).

Personality Assessment based on Big 5 Personality Traits

Primary Personality Traits is the set of psychological traits that influence behaviors across situations and time.

Personality traits can be categorised as “Big 5” personality factors, where every person has scores in the following 5 “super traits”

  1. Openness – how willing you are to try new things or experiences.
  2. Conscientiousness – how much you value discipline, self-restraint and organisation. 
  3. Extraversion – how much you need other people’s company.
  4. Agreeableness – how much you value and respect others.
  5. Emotional Stability (Neuroticism) –  how you perceive events – with calmness or anxiousness.

The personality assessment test will take into consideration the below factors:  

  • Work style,
  • Emotional Quotient,
  • Professional interest,
  • Character,
  • Anger management,
  • Attitude towards work,
  • Level of impulse control,
  • Learning patterns and
  • Behaviour under pressure.

This test presents a series of statements about yourself and you must decide whether the statement is characteristic of you or not. Some questions ask more about your preferences in the workplace, while others ask about hobbies and interests. For instance, are you the type of person who is open to new experiences? 

The Big 5 character traits are believed to be the basis for human personality and behavior. The Big 5 test can be used in a variety of settings, including in business to evaluate potential employees. The test is an opportunity to learn about yourself and to make the appropriate changes in your life to improve your experience.

Personality Assessment gives you a deep insight into your personality and how it affects your way of being and thinking.

How personality assessments are helpful in the recruitment process?

Personality assessments are helpful in the recruitment process because it helps the employer to find the best fit for the job. The best fit is someone who is a perfect match for the job, who will be there for the long term and who will put the company’s priorities first.

The employer will also be able to find the candidate that has the right personality for the level of responsibility of the position. Personality assessments are helpful in the recruitment process because they can be used to understand why an applicant may not be a good fit. By understanding their personality the employer can make better hiring decisions. Big Five personality traits predict job performance across occupations. A personality assessment can give you the information you need to identify your ideal employees.

On the other hand,  employees can also check out the assessments to see if your personality matches to your dream job / career. Before deciding on a career path check your suitability to a particular career by using our career assessment tests

Now, companies are realising that personality assessments are useful tools that can help them hire the right person for the right job. They give employers a better idea of the personality traits an employee will bring to the table. In today’s fast-paced business world, personality assessments are extremely useful in the recruitment process.


Knowing your personality can help you get along better with people. After all, we all have different personalities and we all like to do things differently.
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