Career Gambit

Career counselling for 8th, 9th and 10th Students

Find out the most suitable subjects for you and how to choose your career path after 10th:

  1. Get your career analysis and subjects recommendations with detailed educational and career road map.
  2. 5 Dimensional Career Analysis Assessment for 8th to 10th class students measures verbal, numerical, clerical, spatial and reasoning aptitude, your career interests, personality traits and learning styles.
  3. The aptitude section neither tests knowledge nor does it calculate your academic potential. It calculates your strength and weaknesses to determine abilities required to study any of the four subject streams namely Mathematics, Biology, Commerce and Humanities (Arts).
  4. Career Interest questions  find out about your feelings of wanting to know or learn about something. 
  5. The Test is designed in such a way that is no choice of right and wrong answer, it performs an analysis based on your preference of answers.